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BLDCController.git Bacid Arduino BLDC Controller graham 6 years ago
CurrentSense.git Unnamed repository; edit this... www-data 2 years ago
DistributedScheduler.git Version 2.0 rewrite of this www-data 3 years ago
DueASM.git Unnamed repository; edit this... www-data 10 hours ago
DueTest.git Experiments with Arduino Due www-data 2 years ago
DueWebServer.git Experiments with browser contr... www-data 2 years ago
EthernetTest-save.git Backup of EthernetTest.git graham 5 years ago
EthernetTest.git Test of the WizNet chip stack... graham 2 years ago
GLMeter.git OpenGL rendering test in RPi graham 3 years ago
HVPSU.git Experiments in triac AC control www-data 12 months ago
HybridController.git Arduino Combined BLDC/SVM... graham 5 years ago
ISRSerial.git rework of serial using pre... graham 6 years ago
NetLinux.git NetLinux Distribution Debian... www-data No commits
PCSerial.git Multithreaded COM on RPi graham 5 years ago
PICBLDCmono.git PIC BLDC Monostable Commutation 4 years ago
PICmono.git Experiments with PIC and exter... root 4 years ago
PWM-BLDC1-6step.git Controller experiments with... graham 6 years ago
PWM-BLDC1.git PIC Basic Open Loop Controlller graham 2 years ago
PWM.git Explicit PWM (Pre-emptive) graham 6 years ago
PWMControl.git Unused branch of PWMMatr graham 6 years ago
PWMController.git Controller pre-emptive experiments graham 2 years ago
PWMMatrix.git Software emulation of hardware... graham 6 years ago
PortSense.git Unnamed repository; edit this... www-data 2 years ago
RPITest3.git Experiments with Arduino on... www-data 4 years ago
RPi_SPItest.git SPI COM Test with Arduino graham 5 years ago
SVMController.git 3-phase controller graham 17 hours ago
SimpleSerial.git Pre-emptive COM on Arduino graham 6 years ago
Thermistor.git http://playground.arduino... www-data 2 years ago
Timers.git Pre-emptive Test on Arduino graham 6 years ago
Trinary.git Trinary controller testing www-data 8 weeks ago
UltimateWiki.git Webserver Tool Kit www-data 2 years ago
UnoBLDC.git Experiments in simple BLDC... www-data 4 months ago
UnoTest.git Port of Due testing to Uno www-data 10 months ago
bldccontrol.git Basic Test on Arduino graham 6 years ago
blinkleds.git PIC Test graham 6 years ago
controller.git PIC PWM Controller graham 6 years ago
cpu.git CPU Affinity Example root 4 years ago
git-gui.git www-data 2 years ago
gittest.git Experimenting with GIT www-data 3 years ago
gpio.git GPIO experiments on a Pi 2... www-data 3 years ago
gzip.git www-data 3 years ago
heating.git This is the RPi version www-data 8 months ago
logic.git Unnamed repository; edit this... www-data 2 years ago
moni.git Son of NAPI www-data 4 years ago
napi.git NAPI filesystem root 3 years ago
nlfs.git NetLinux From Scratch (Femto... www-data 3 years ago
pcapstat.git Microburst Analyser root 3 months ago
pcm1.git PIC BLDC Sequencer graham 6 years ago
pcm2.git PIC PWM Experiments graham 6 years ago
pf_test.git Testing with new PF_RING stuff www-data 4 years ago
pico-python.git Unnamed repository; edit this... www-data 2 years ago
pthreads.git Example: Pthread Creation... www-data 3 years ago
repository.git Debian Package Repository www-data 4 years ago
signals.git Simple Linux Signal Catch www-data 2 years ago
sniffer.git Project files for the first... root 5 years ago
sockets.git Basic TCP and UDP Client/Server graham 3 years ago
termios.git Simple Linux Terminal Control www-data 2 years ago
tunproxy.git Low Loss Network Experiment www-data 4 years ago
vmhost-apache.git Web service configuration www-data 3 years ago
webgl.git Unnamed repository; edit this... www-data 22 months ago
zlib.git www-data 3 years ago